[OWASP Joomla Vulnerability Scanner] joomscan.pl 0.0.3 Patched

Aung Khant aungkhant at yehg.net
Sun Aug 23 10:55:50 EDT 2009

Hi Brandon

The attached file is what you suggested few days ago for suppressing warning
messages with additional variable checks.

    /to avoid warning messages:
        - affected variables: $proxy
        - affected functions: array_max, array_min, emacs compatible split()
at htime()
    /to add additional administrator directory probing

For array_max, array_min functions, I return ? instead of filling up with
dummy values like 0 or 999.
This is because people will falsely think those dummy numbers as version
So, reporting like (1.5.?? - 1.5.??) will feel them good.

I credit your name in contributor list in doc/ directory in coming release
of 0.0.3-a.
Please test it in your leisure. If it's ok, I'll commit it to svn.

Thank you for your contribution.

Best Regards
YGN Ethical Hacker Group
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